Robert’s 10 Tips for Defeating Goliath

1. Don’t Despair - You Can Win!

-Accept that adversity has occurred

-Objectively analyze & evaluate your situation

2. It’s Up To You - Take Responsibility

-Don’t blame others

-Don’t run from the problem, face it head on

3.Take Action - Draft A Plan

-Gives you a sense of control

-Keep it simple 5-7 focused daily activities

-Measure results/outcomes

4. You’re Not An Island - Seek Out Others

-Talk about your problem with people who’ve experienced what you’re going through

-Get help from friends, coaches, professionals

-Be proactive

5. Manage Stress - Take Positive Action (do anything that gives you a sense of control)


-Eat Right

-Get sleep



6. Stay Positive - Consume Mental Protein

-Visualize a good outcome

-Read motivating stories about how other people overcame adversity

-Stay away from negative people

-Block out anything that might mentally set you back

7. Know The Enemy - Be A Student of Your Goliath

-The more you know your adversary the less you’ll fear it

8. Ask The Hard Questions - Don’t Fear The Answers

-Will I survive this?

-What will people think of me?

-All is not lost if I lose!

9. Organize This Process Into The Grand Scheme of Your Life and How You Will Learn, Benefit and Grow From It.

10. Get A Mental Edge - Carry Out 1-9

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